The Bad Steben thermal baths were reopened in 2004 after extensive renovations and extensions. The heart of this is the large bathing hall with heated bathing pool (water temperature 30 degrees Celsius) and a whirlpool (water temperature 36 degrees Celsius).

There is a relaxation area attached - the chill-out and lounging gallery. Other attractions inside the thermal baths are the pavilion of sound, the light and sound pool, the slate steam grotto and the pavilion of touch. You are whisked away to unfamiliar worlds by underwater music and visual animations in the light and sound pool. In the pavilion of sound the thermal water pleasantly runs over your body with soft music playing. In the pavilion of touch you experience the amazingly refreshing water from warm tropical rain to the thundering waterfall.

In the wellness dome you can experience a whole day by the sea in just one hour. 34 degrees Celsius warm sea water washes around you on the beach and the sand is also warmed up to 34 degrees Celsius. Pure relaxation. On the basement level of the slate cave you breath in the finely atomised salt water mist in the inhalation grotto, just like by the sea, which cleanses the airways and strengthens the immune system.